Live in Chicago, 1999

1. Emergency & I
The Dismemberment Plan
DeSoto Records

Imagine Talking Heads, Prince, and Fugazi forming a musical think-tank in order to make a sassy, astoundingly literate, infinitely danceable masterwork.

2. "Heartbreaker" 12-inch remix
Mariah Carey featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott
Sony Records

I hate Mariah Carey, but this song could be 12 minutes long, and it still wouldn't be enough.

3. Eternalz
Touch and Go Records

A three-piece consisting of ex-Trenchmouth folks, mastering art-dub with jazz phrasing.

4. Mission: Control!
Burning Airlines
DeSoto Records

I really believe this may be some of J. Robbins' best work ever. A classy infatuation with a tuneful pummel.

5. Starters & Alternators
The Ex
Touch and Go

The Ex, Europe's answer to Fugazi, ditches the Beefheart art and delivers some walloping punk and political punches.

6. Sean Na Na covering R. Kelly's "When a Woman's Fed Up" live

Sean Na Na is rumored to be mutating into a full-time slow-jam R&B-style outfit, Har Mar Superstar. Sean Tillman, ex of Calvin Krime, is Jermaine Jackson trapped in a white indie-rock kid's body.

7. "Back That Azz Up"
Uptown/Universal Records

This makes me wish my little Corolla was filled with cash-money models and had ground effects.

8. Things Fall Apart
The Roots
MCA Records

The Roots made the most emo record of the year. Lyrically, production wise, it's a fuck-you to what rap has become, and gives the ultimate dis by showing what hip-hop can be.

9. Vaya
At The Drive In
Fearless Records

The Bad Brains of tomorrow is the At The Drive In of today.

10. Guilty Party
Out Hud

I grabbed this because it was the ugliest record cover I had ever seen. Turns out five kids make a mess somewhere between Pere Ubu and Massive Attack. Expect future genius.


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