Local Punks Warcola Release New EP

Local Punks Warcola Release New EP

Although it's been out a month or so, I'm just now getting around to the killer new EP from local punks Warcola. Parlaying punk of the old school hardcore variety (Minor Threat, Bad Brains), Matt, Oscar (no last names = real punks) and the rest of Warcola have been spitting on audiences for a couple of years now, but this new EP ups the ante considerably.

The record is actually a split 45 featuring Warcola on one side and Austin's Spittin' Bullets on the other. "Going Turbo," "Rich Elite" and "Censorship" are the Warcola cuts and all three are rabid, brutally paced assaults.

Although the lyrics don't stray far from the standard punk ranting, the primitive oomph of the music is enough to get my granddad in the mosh pit.

Check Warcola out on Saturday night at Muddy Waters. Don't wear clean clothes and bring your earplugs.


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