Loney Dear, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Sunnybrook

Emil Svanängen, leader of the indie/folk ensemble Loney Dear, isn't afraid to tread softly. Hailing from the small city of Jonkoping, Sweden, Svanängen's delicate pop has found an international audience by staying true to its original aesthetic: long on dreamy atmospherics, traditional rock mentality be damned.

As Loney Dear, Svanängen has self-released three homemade albums through his Web site: River Fontana Redux, Citadel Band and Solange. Each effort featured songs that understood the subtle dynamics that have made folks like Nick Drake, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Magnetic Fields so inherently vital.

The first proper Loney Dear album, Loney, Noir, was released in early 2007, as Svanängen put together a full-band lineup of the group for his first international tour. The newest album, Dear John, came out just last week, and it doesn't differ significantly from previous efforts: Songs such as "Airport Surroundings," "Harsh Words" and "Under a Silent Sea" are carefully constructed, simple tales told with grace and a sublime spirit. Talent like this doesn't need much of a pulse.


Loney Dear, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Sunnybrook

Two of Denton's own finer talents, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea and Sunnybrook, open.

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