Lost Generation Concert Series

The evening's theme was fitting, as it was easy to get lost digging through the bands and DJs at the latest installation of the Lost Generation concert series. Local blues-noisers Jack With One Eye rattled any recollection of whereabouts with a barrage of fuzz and crunch. During a particularly memorable number, the audience barely had time to accept an invitation to slow dance before being hit with a sludgy onslaught of saturated guitars that could make J.Mascis weep. All hope of regaining equilibrium was lost as the latest musical manifestation of--Sweet Mwanza's beard! He's comin' straight for us! Event organizer Mwanza Dover appeared to be a little lost himself, as he spilled into the crowd a few times, at one point bringing the Falkon's full-contact body rock to the people out on the patio, though said patio dwellers weren't bereft of their own ample tunes. Delegate DJs from neighboring Avenue Arts (DJ Tigerbee, DJ Laureen, DJ Pandaflower and DJ Jeff) kept a steady supply of out-there platters and playlists spinning all night, from Northern soul and '60s garage rock to '70s new-wave art rock and psychedelic Brazilian lounge.

Inside, the Strange Boys effortlessly channeled the spirits of working-class British punks three times their age. Their minute-and-a-half epics were sharp and tinny, like aluminum foil chewing gum, encased in a tightly controlled, if no less raucous, set; the material bodes well for their upcoming West Coast tour in August. And after the hours of powerful rock riffage, Pleasant Grove's country-fried cosmic reverb was a gentle and refreshing nightcap. Years-old songs from the band's eternally forthcoming record got a new lease on life thanks to newest PG member Chris Mayes, whose pedal steel, keyboard and guitar parts helped the band newly find its way.

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