Love Minus Zero

Led by brothers Milind (Mel) and Neil Parekh, Love Minus Zero is another band that is just sort of local. Mel's daytime job is in Dallas, and Neil resides in Houston, while bassist Akaash Sharma and drummer Evan Spaulding hail from Austin. The quartet met while attending UT more than a decade ago and just recently decided to make music together. "It's a wild hair," Mel says. "We are all eligible bachelors who can now make music before we have families." Mel describes the band's sound as "rock with an up-tempo folk twist," but songs such as "I've Had a Bad Day," "Wondering When" and "East Texas Blues" are rough-hewed blends of funk and pop that gain distinction from Mel's conspicuously over-the-top delivery. Oftentimes Love Minus Zero takes the music from an obscure song from the '60s or '70s and Mel improvises the lyrics on the spot, quite an audacious undertaking for a band just getting started. Love Minus Zero is in the process of recording a debut CD to be released next year, so take the chance of getting in on the ground floor of something new from a bunch of old guys.


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