Lovie (CD Release), MC Router, Sunward, Golden Bear

There is no doubt that all future reviews and articles will somehow incorporate the "clever" remark "people will fall in love with Lovie." The thing is, it's true. This all-girl, oops, all-female band harkens to the day of the Go-Go's and Veruca Salt, with aggressive guitars, head-bopping beats and vintage vocals. They may be easy to dismiss as an aww-isn't-that-cute girl band, but they freshen up a sound that takes listeners all the way back to Josie and the Pussycats, a formula that somehow never wears thin. Of course, they'll probably need to get used to those comparisons from now on. But these ain't no 20-something, Gossip Girl-reading chicks that picked up a couple of instruments, relying on sex appeal to sell tunes. These are women in their 30s—including "a stay-at-home mom of three, a nano-technology public relations professional, a vegan/animals rights activist and a pharmaceutical sales rep," according to their Web site—who have a pure appeal that sells to everyone. And yes, they are sexy. Their sublimely titled debut CD, Harshmellow shows what rock feels like for girls and boys alike.


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