Ludo, Edison Glass, Treaty of Paris and Deas Vail

This crowded bill of emo (under various guises) features Long Island's Edison Glass as its headliner, but it's Ludo from St. Louis who makes the venture to the underage wasteland of the Door worthwhile. Using layers upon layers of guitar and genuine harmony vocals, Ludo is a throwback to Weezer but with nods to classic power pop masters Badfinger and Big Star thrown in as well. Ludo also has something missing from many of emo's most heralded performers: a sense of humor. Broken Bride, the band's 2005 rock opera about time travel and true love was so over-the-top that it had to be tongue-in-cheek. Either that or this quintet suffers from serious delusions of grandeur. Whichever is the case, Ludo is definitely worth checking out. Adding to the fun are Treaty of Paris, a heralded combo out of Chicago who first gained attention via their single "Waking Up the Dead" and its weird and wonderful accompanying video. Sweet Dreams, Sucker, the band's recent effort, nearly overdoses on bangs, eye shadow and testosterone, but such chutzpah clearly suits each band hitting the stage this night.


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