OK, the name is, let's just say, unfortunate. (If you think four guys with a name like Manplanet should be ending their set with, say, "It's Raining Men" and/or "YMCA," well, consider us on the same page.) That aside, this Minneapolis quartet sounds (and looks) more like Devo, only if they read Vogue instead of textbooks and tried to get backstage at Weezer shows. Two EPs into their gig, 2000's Skylab and last year's An Introductory to Musicianship, Manplanet is more about their color-coded stage show--singer-guitarist Jeff Ham (white), bassist Tim Holly (red), drummer Pete Greene (uh, green) and guitarist and keys player Ben Perlstein (blue) perform in custom vinyl suits--than anything else. But that's prolly enough for now.


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