Matt & Kim's Five Step Pre-Show Warm-Up Routine

Matt & Kim's Five Step Pre-Show Warm-Up Routine
Jason Tang

Matt & Kim will play at 6 p.m. this Saturday at the Breakaway Music Festival. They will burn more calories during their set than the entire roster of the Wu-Tang Clan a couple hours later. That has become the band's calling card -- a live show that needs a descriptor more vivid than energetic. I have seen hardcore bands more reserved. It is a cannonball. I don't know how they don't pull muscles and get bruises at every show.

We asked drummer Kim Schifino how they prepare for such an acrobatic performance, and she sent us her five tips to ensure a high-energy show. As it turns out, they do pull muscles and get bruises.

Matt & Kim's Five Step Pre-Show Warm-Up Routine
Mike Brooks

1. Wear something you can fuck up.

2. Have no regrets.

Matt & Kim's Five Step Pre-Show Warm-Up Routine

3. Stretch beforehand. Yes, Matt has thrown his shoulder out 'cause he was so amped swinging a shirt over his head while running onto stage.

4. Pre-show booty dance. Your butt can never be too warmed up.

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5. Tie your sneakers in triple knots, so when you are dancing on top of the crowd your sneakers won't fall off.

Again, Matt & Kim play at 6 p.m. on Saturday. They'll also release Lightning Remixes next month -- a ten-track effort featuring remixes of the songs on the recently-released Lightning (how'd you guess?) by artists like Anamanguchi and Salva.

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