Mazarin, Soundteam

Rarely do genres blend and cross-pollinate as fruitfully as on We're Already There, Mazarin's gracefully noisy barrage of neo-electronic pop and retro-psychedelia. Four years in the making, Quentin Stolzfus and crew have leaped past the somewhat dated stoner buzz of their two previous releases to concentrate on writing full, concrete songs--and good ones at that. With a sound that falls into a refreshing new locale, somewhere between '60s stalwarts Love and Moby Grape and recent fare like M83 and The Postal Service, this shotgun marriage of cross-generational styles and ideas is shockingly successful. Mazarin thrive where many, many others have failed, creating authentically old new sounds. Luckily, Austin's Soundteam haven't failed at this either--in fact, their refreshing sound has just nabbed a major label contract from Capitol Records, so see what the buzz is about when they open on Sunday.


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