Meredith Miller

Back when Deep Ellum was a musical hotbed, Meredith Miller was one of the talented teens who coulda been a contender. With her loamy alto, slightly quirky lyrics and smart-chick style, she might have ended up a more urbane Dar Williams or followed in Lisa Loeb's footsteps to a mid-level pop career. But music's loss was academia's gain, as Miller set her songs and performances aside to pursue graduate degrees at the University of Texas in Austin. But no doubt there are Dallasites who still have a treasured copy of her ifihadaghifi or madami'madam CDs, the latter tracked by her Meredith Miller Band with local vets Broose Dickinson (Pop Poppins) and Reed Easterwood (MC 900 Foot Jesus), and her rare appearance at AllGood offers the chance to recall her old-era charms.


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