Mike Dillon, Earl Harvin

Just listing the bands of these two percussionists would run this blurb over its allotted word count. But there's at least room to mention the time they spent together in Billy Goat and Ten Hands--two of Dallas' most original funk/rock/jam/whatever bands. Dillon's also the driving force behind Hairy Apes BMX and his new outlet the Dead Kenny G's. Harvin's done some amazing work with his own jazz trio, Seal, and a bunch of other bands you've definitely heard of. But highlighting their diverse pedigree doesn't really prepare you for this gig. Dillon and Harvin have become two of Dallas' busiest and best musicians by fusing outlandish improvisation with raw technique so whatever combination of instruments and styles they choose to play (and there's likely to be many), all you can prepare for is to be impressed.

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