Money $hot (CD release), Dirt & Earthy Vibes

An unusual and interesting local bill that features some playfully obnoxious metal and an electronica-fueled tribute to Cream. Money $hot are a typically sexist metallic mess, all testosterone and no brains, but hell, that's what's made Motorhead great. Paying homage to Judas Priest, Queen and AC/DC, Money $hot is three Texans and a Pennsylvanian who don't give a damn about subtleties such as melody or singing on key. Theirs is defiantly ugly music made for ugly people. Check out the unoriginal filth of "Pain Threshold" and "Be My Baby" for further evidence. Dirt & Earthy Vibes are from Grapevine and it shows. Melding such ganja-fueled influences as Hendrix and Marley and mixing in a little Outkast and Beck just to stay current, this quartet is inoffensive and endearing, especially on playful numbers such as "Sunshine" and "The Lobster Train." One searching for good local music could do much worse than this odd match of sin and sincerity.


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