Vinnie Paul Abbott and Co.
Vinnie Paul Abbott and Co.

More News On HELLYEAH!'s Upcoming Sophomore Release: There Will Be Both "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" Editions...

Stampede, HELLYEAH!'s follow-up to its self-titled 2007 debut is still on pace for a July 13 release, but, this weekend, some new revelations came out on the disc's details. Turns out the disc will be available for purchase in three formats: standard, "deluxe" and "super deluxe."

The standard, naturally, contains just the disc. Pre-purchases of the "deluxe" version, meanwhile, will also offer fans both a live DVD and a June 29 mp3 pre-download of the entire disc. And the "super deluxe" version, in addition to the amenities afforded by pre-orders of the deluxe package, will also feature a limited edition 3-D cover of the disc, expanded liner notes, and (really?) a HELLYEAH!-branded bull skull. Pre-order your packages here, if you feel so inclined. And you should: As Shahryar Rizvi learned from the band's iconic, Arlington-born drummer, Vinnie Paul Abbott, a few weeks back, the disc finds the band coming into its own.

In other news, the band has already wrapped filming for Stampede's two lead singles, "Hell of a Time" and "Cowboy Way," both of which were shot at Fort Worth's Longhorn Saloon, may it rest in peace.


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