Once again the Mosquitos prove themselves to be today's version of Getz, Jobim and Gilberto. Their sassy samba is as perfect for car drives with the windows down as it is for chi-chi cocktail parties. Brazilian singer Juju Stulbach is still as captivating as she was on the band's self-titled 2003 debut, her breathy innocence somehow reeking of seduction, but this album is dominated by Chris Root's vocals ("No Fim Do Pais"). This time out, Root is sounding a little less Astrud Gilberto and a little more Sergio Mendez & Brasil '66, but that's not entirely a bad thing. It's just that Sunshine Barato is more of a pantsuit album than sheer sundress, and given the name ("Barato" is Portuguese for "cheap"), I expected a torrid little halter-top with a full skirt. Musically, the Mosquitos continue to blend their New York indie tendencies with their seaside resort persona ("Avocado" and "Xixizinho No Oceano"), and it's hard to keep from moving under that cheap sunshine.

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