Mountain Goats, Kaki King

More often than not, going to a show is about experiencing how a band sounds outside the trappings of a studio—and maybe hearing a couple of your favorite songs. But for anyone with tickets to see the criminally underappreciated Mountain Goats, the expectation is wholly different. With a catalogue of more than 500 songs, there's no guarantee that you'll hear them play "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" or "Soft Targets" or "This Year."

But actually seeing them live—after listening to frontman John Darnielle's early recordings in all their lo-fi, DIY glory—is something of a homecoming for fans. We may not be able to sing along to the band's ever-expansive catalog, but a Mountain Goats show is really about hearing every crack and flaw in Darnielle's warm and urgent voice and the transcendent live moments made possible by his lyrical story-telling.

Also, since the band is touring with Kaki King, who contributed to the Goats' new Black Pear Tree EP (which includes the lovely "Thank You, Mario, But Our Princess Is in Another Castle"), there's a possibility for some lively onstage collaboration between the opening and main acts. Regardless, fans can expect nothing less than one of the best live shows of the fall.


Mountain Goats, Kaki King

Sunday, November 2, at the Granada Theater

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