MP3 Dig: Mind Spiders' "Wait For Us"

MP3 Dig: Mind Spiders' "Wait For Us"

Mind Spiders excellent sophomore album, Meltdown, comes out February 21 on Dirtnap Records and already promises to be one of 2012's best local releases. Mark Ryan knows his way around a pop song, as "Wait For Us" and much of Meltdown proves, but he also isn't afraid to experiment. The closing title track gets into some droning Motorik territory that actually suits Mind Spiders' sound pretty well. I mean, they even have their own theme song.

Tastemaking overlords Pitchfork got the exclusive yesterday, but that doesn't render it culturally irrelevant a day later, does it? Nevertheless, enjoy the song. Turn it up loud and bounce around the office. And look for tour dates soon, especially with SXSW approaching.

"Wait For Us"

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