Mr. Kitty Brings "Modern Romance" Out of His Bedroom

Nineteen-year-old Forrest Carney has been producing music on his computer in his bedroom for nearly a decade, and currently performs and DJs under the name Mr. Kitty. We first heard of the youngster in late 2010, when he opened for Crystal Castles at the House of Blues. His energetic stage performance was infectious.

On Valentine's Day, Mr. Kitty strategically released "Modern Romance," a single off his upcoming album, Eternity. Carney explains that the track is about a relationship with a manipulative ex, and his aim was to be totally cliché by unveiling the song on Valentine's Day. And while he's not certain when Eternity will be ready (he predicts sometime this summer), Mr. Kitty is releasing his fifth remix album, aptly named R.M.X. V, tomorrow. The album features original remixes of songs by Kreayshawn , Metric, Lights and Sleigh Bells, and will stream on his Bandcamp page.

"Modern Romance"


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