Mr. Peppermint´s 79th Birthday Party American Diabetes Association Benefit with Brave Combo, Boys Named Sue, Merry and the Mood Swings

Regression can be so soothing. Since local children's show Peppermint Place went off the air in 1996, anyone who saw Mr. Peppermint and Muffin is now old enough to enjoy the nostalgia that the sight of Jerry Haynes in his peppermint suit with his worn-down carpet of a puppet would surely encourage. Generations of kids and middle-aged folk have the chance to wish him a happy 79th birthday, watch Peppermint Place bloopers, listen to a few bands and give $5 to the American Diabetes Association while they're at it. They might want to thank him for his many contributions to Texas music--you already knew he's the father of head Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes, but did you know that, according to Erykah Badu in a 1996 Dallas Observer story, he judged a talent show and encouraged a 12-year-old Badu to pursue singing?

While Brave Combo's live act isn't nearly as difficult to catch as Haynes', the Grammy-winning polka outfit's party rock can be a dorky thrill of a live show. They know the level of patience most people possess for pure polka is low and accordingly mix in various other genres like bossa nova, salsa and ska.


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