Mt. Eerie, Thanksgiving

Just when Phil Elvrum's Microphones seemed to be getting bigger—more oddly grandiose and more recognized outside Pitchfork-approved circles—everything changed. The songwriting visionary added a "e," becoming Phil Elverum. He dropped the Microphones. He lost his supporting cast, his choirs, his loud distortion, his crazy organs, and he became Mt. Eerie. Elverum live is a highly intimate encounter with a sparkling talent whose body of work will shine long after the Decemberists wither into January. Speaking of November, Elverum's aesthetically similar Pacific Northwest compatriot and labelmate Adran Orange, aka Thanksgiving, joins him both at Rubber Gloves and earlier in the day in what promises to be an especially intimate 5:30 p.m. show at the Metrognome Collective in Fort Worth.


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