The Black Lillies will play the North Oak Cliff Music Festival.
The Black Lillies will play the North Oak Cliff Music Festival.
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Music Picks: North Oak Cliff Music Festival, Dirty Dozen Brass Band and More

Our annual music showcase is this Saturday, along with the North Oak Cliff Music Festival and Denton's annual Rock Lottery. New Orleans comes to the Granada in the form of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and the Doublewide hosts a punk showcase.

The Fall Punkstravaganza

Friday, November 1, at the Double-wide


North Oak Cliff Music Festival

It may have been a while since you kicked in some heads with your freshly polished pair of Doc Martens, but you're never too old to enjoy the sheer majesty of watching a room full of youths and the young in spirit thrash each other to the wall with the raucous, rebellious noise of the punk music scene as the soundtrack. The Double-Wide will give you the chance to do just that by throwing a whole bunch of local punk music acts at you during its upcoming Fall Punkstravaganza. The lineup includes Darlington, The Faps and Responsible Johnny. Danny Gallagher

Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Galactic

Saturday, November 2, at the Granada Theater

Established way back in 1977, New Orleans' Dirty Dozen Brass Band has been a staple on Bourbon Street ever since. Led by trumpeter Gregory Davis, the band has released more than 15 albums and has been featured on recordings by Elvis Costello, Joe Henry, Modest Mouse and Widespread Panic. The eclectic list of artists shows the uniqueness of the band. Eschewing the obvious sounds associated with New Orleans and even those associated with a brass band, this sometime seven-piece goes in all sorts of interesting directions whenever the feeling strikes. The move away from the expected influences has produced popular inroads that have allowed the Dirty Dozen Brass Band to tour and record often. It's a win for all involved, as music this joyous should never be restrained to one place. Adding to the fun is Galactic, another funky outfit hailing from New Orleans. Darryl Smyers

North Oak Cliff Music Festival

Saturday, November 2, at Lake Cliff Park

The Dallas area hardly needs a special occasion to host the almost-adopted musical son Bob Schneider. Put the uber-talented Austinite in just about any room in town and that locale will be pretty happening. But this year's North Oak Cliff Music Festival is much more than that. With a stellar lineup including local talent (the about-to-be-huger-than-huge Seryn from Denton) and revered regional artists (Ruthie Foster, Ian Moore), the second year of this shindig makes one think the fest will continue to be around for many more installments. As with the massive weekend-long festivals such as Bonnaroo and ACL, the intrigue of the lineup typically lies in the early to middle part of the day. In this festival's first half, one will see a slimmed-down Band of Heathens, newly engaged Jason Eady (arguably this state's most underrated songwriter) and the rightfully buzzed-about Tennessee roots act The Black Lillies. And if any Schneider show is a party, then a festival featuring an early dose of The Relatives' locally sourced gospel-funk will elevate the day from lawn-chair affair into a psychedelic revival, providing blessings for the rest of the fest. Kelly Dearmore

Rock Lottery

Saturday, November 2, at Dan's Silverleaf, Denton

Good/Bad Art Collective's Rock Lottery is a tradition that has spread from Denton across the globe, and this year's 12th installment, back in the little D where it all began, is one of the most unusual yet. For the uninitiated: Twenty-five musicians are thrown into a hat from which randomly constructed bands are pulled. They have the day to prepare a set and then — voila! — a showcase ensues. Some of the personalities on this year's bill are big ones, including Dan Dockrill from Warren Jackson Hearne & Le Leek Electronique, Burton Lee from Eleven Hundred Springs and D Magazine music writer Chris Mosley. Oh, and members of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Drumline. Dream up your own strange lineups by staring at the full list of participants on the Rock Lottery Facebook page. Kiernan Maletsky


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