My Brightest, Brownest Christmas Compilation

My Brightest, Brownest Christmas Compilation

The weather outside is weather, which means, yep, we're being absolutely inundated with Christmas albums and compilations here at DC9 HQ. Anyone want not one, but two brand-new Brian Setzer Orchestra seasonal delights? Seriously, ask me for them. They're yours.


What, no takers? Oh well...

That being said, it's not all complete trash. Although, hey, how come no one sent us this one called I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas? The comp actually features some decent acts, like Blitzen Trapper (how fitting that they'd have a Christmas song...) and Le Loup and even--OK, here's the local angle--one-time Dallas resident Shara Worden (aka My Brightest Diamond) and Fort Worth's own Bosque Brown.

I mean, we like good causes, so what the crap? We have to buy one like everyone else? LAME.

That said, if anyone happens to pull DC9's name in this year's local music media Secret Santa gift exchange, well, you now know what to get us. (Looking right at ya, Gorilla Vs. Bear...)  --Pete Freedman


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