Name dropping

Bicycle Thief frontman Steven Holt is also a name thief.

The Bicycle Thief will release its debut album, You Come and Go Like a Pop Song, later this month on Goldenvoice Recording Company, which is distributed by New York-based indie label Caroline Records. The disc features guest appearances by Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and ex-That Dog singer-guitarist Anna Waronker. Which is all good news, unless you happen to be Steven Holt, the former Tablet frontman who had chosen to name his new project Bicycle Thief as well.

"I think I picked a pretty unoriginal name," Holt says, laughing, when informed of the rival Bicycle Thief. He'd heard rumors about another band using the moniker, but nothing had been confirmed until now. "But fortunately, we haven't done much of anything yet. I don't think there will be any kind of legal entanglements."

The other Bicyle Thief is fronted by Bob Forrest, known primarily for his work with Thelonious Monster, which collapsed in 1992. The Bicycle Thief is his return to music after a six-year hiatus. And it's Holt's return as well, following a short layoff after Tablet dissolved. Holt's version of Bicycle Thief is busily recording its debut, likely to be released on Last Beat Records. He admits that he's never "liked anything [he's] done musically," but thinks he has the time and support to come closer to his goal this time around. As for changing the name, Holt says he'll get around to it eventually, but for now, he'd rather focus on the music.

"I'll probably have to confer with somebody who knows a little something more about that before I do anything," he says. "I could really care less, to tell you the truth."

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