Necro Tonz

KNON-FM 89.3's Blue Lisa is getting ready celebrate her 13th anniversary on the air, but she's not making it strictly a blues affair. She talked the Necro Tonz into reuniting for the perfect Halloween night topper as a celebration of music, Blue Lisa's career on the air, and a benefit for KNON. The Tonz haven't subjected an audience to their "Death Lounge" since 2005, when they ended a nine-year run after touring with The Cramps, releasing a couple LPs (one on local label Last Beat Records) and popping up in the odd horror film soundtrack, including American Nightmare. The bulk of their set is songs associated with death, be it bands that have members who have passed, bands "who have experienced a spectacular rock and roll death" or simply "bands that probably should have been dead a long time ago." As a bonus, the opener is Howlin' K. Smith, who promises to channel the spirit of Screamin' Jay Hawkins.


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