Neo Camerata

These aren't your father's classical musicians. They're young, dressed-down and prefer Depeche Mode to, say, the church choir. They are also making classical music--that ultimately expressive but occasionally stuffy music form--into something for all ages, what violinist/composer Mark Landson calls "new classical." They use videos, work with dancers, spruce up the set with lights, storm the occasional bar. Whatever you call it, it's good. At a recent Club Dada show, opening for cello virtuoso Matt Haimovitz, Neo Camerata wowed a packed house of amateurs and aficionados alike, playing original music that is both emotionally stirring and technically impressive. At their upcoming Granada show, the five-piece (a string quartet plus piano) will be joined by Dallas singer-songwriter Annagrey Labasse, Ecuadoran tenor Byron Mino and soprano Christina Proctor. Their approach is refreshing and honest. And if Mozart were alive today, he wouldn't be content to just play concert halls either.


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