Neon Indian Announces Fall Tour, Opening Slots For Chromeo, Phoenix

Neon Indian at its last Granada performance.
Neon Indian at its last Granada performance.
Mattie Stafford

Not to rely too heavily on the folks at Pitchfork this morning, but they just keep breaking stories with local ties today. And this latest one is a pretty exciting one, too: Neon Indian has announced its touring plans for the rest of the summer and into the fall--and, included among them are opening dates for Phoenix and Chromeo, two acts that fit nicely alongside the band's tripped-out electro-pop.

The real big news? Though it won't be in support of either of those aforementioned acts, the band will be bringing its show back home to North Texas on Tuesday, October 5, with a stop at the Granada Theater--just as one anonymous commenter alluded to yesterday. If it's anything like the band's last performance there, it won't disappoint.

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