New Found Glory, Reggie and the Full Effect, Eisley

In 2003, Eisley had all the momentum in the world. That year saw the Tyler siblings shine with two amazing EPs, an opening slot touring with Coldplay and national press that included an MTV-produced "You Hear It First" promotion, and between every accolade for their dreamy pop songs and gorgeous sister-sung harmonies laid a reminder: "Look out for their new album." Unfortunately, people didn't. Room Noises should have made 2005 the year of Eisley, but by the time the full-length came out a year and a half later, national press had quieted. It's tragic, because the group finally came to fruition with serious made-for-WB beauty-pop, but the young band is still looking to capitalize by opening for TRL pop-punkers New Found Glory and Get Up Kids spin-off Reggie and the Full Effect. Go and make those Tyler kids famous already!


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