New Norah Jones Record To Be Remixed By Beck, Beastie Boys, Santigold, Others...

Miss Jones, if you're nasty.
Miss Jones, if you're nasty.

Pretty kickass Norah Jones news today via Entertainment Weekly: In order to satiate the demands of media outlets in desperate need for extra content, Norah Jones' new record, The Fall, will have its tracks remixed by the Beastie Boys, Santigold and Beck, among others.

So, yeah, the whole thing about this record being a change-of-pace from Jones' past stuff? Believe it.

In fact, Jones was so inspired to change things up on this disc that, for a time, she tells EW, she considered approaching Beck and asking him to produce the whole thing.

Kinda wish she did, actually. Oh well. Next time?

(Hat tip.)

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