New World Disorder Tour

Taken separately, any of the mid-'90s alt-rock dependables working hard for the money on this package tour might draw a respectable crowd and a low level of snickering. But together? It's like Christmas, and the wise men are aging rockers with a quickly slipping grasp of the zeitgeist. What's impressive--and what makes heading out to the Bronco Bowl on Friday night almost worth it--is how little they seem to care. Of course, they can't afford to, really: Arizona power-popsters the Gin Blossoms, whose 1999 greatest-hits disc isn't nearly as embarrassing as Toad the Wet Sprocket's, impressively dodged next-level stardom throughout their string of hits, never quite nudging past radio-single status but never quite fading away, which means this kind of thing comes in real handy when the bills start piling up. Same goes for Soul Asylum, whose 2000 best-of will remind you how sort of great "Somebody to Shove" is--though singer Dave Pirner's not-bad solo debut is just out, so it's possible the gang might still actually enjoy playing together. Unfortunately, Soul Asylum is just covering for the Spin Doctors, who are playing the majority of the New World Disorder Tour's dates but couldn't make it here because of scheduling conflicts. That'd be a sight. As consolation, arrive early for openers Seven Mary Three and Sponge, two outfits who mustn't ever be allowed to release greatest-hits albums. Even if they still enjoy playing together.


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