Night Riders

It's not too late to set the mood for Valentine's Day, lovers. You can still get a fancy restaurant reservation, a few bottles of fine wine and, most important, the right music for the right night. And who better to suggest hot tunes for hot times than local rockers and rappers? Here for your listening pleasure are handpicked songs and albums to make sweet love to...particularly if you're from Belgium.

Danny Balis (Sorta): "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)," The Delfonics

"This smooth '70s soul groove is the perfect companion to a nice Hennessy on the rocks. Consistently works the ladies' panties into a damp, the Hart brothers' sweet harmonies distract the bitches from my ineptitude in the sack."


Songs for Valentine's Day

Pikahsso: Synkronized, Jamiroquai

"Something about that CD makes me feel like a superhero in bed. Especially song number 10, 'King for a Day.' Man, I actually feel like I'm flying in a cloudy bed...Jamiroquai, you've changed my life."

John Pedigo (Rose County Fair, Slick 57): "Hey," The Pixies

"Tappidy slappidy wiggidy wackety. The bass line makes the girls happy and the content wins over the gents. Goes well with: a rose, a condom, a chocolate pancake, a bottle of the bubbs and a hotel room."

Frank Hejl (host of Frequency Down on KNTU-88.1 FM): David Hasselhoff Sings America

"Barry White has nothing on the extravagant sexiness of the former Knight Rider. I bought this baby on import, and let me tell you, the ladies' moan of ultimate satisfaction will let you know it was worth the $50 import price."

Mike Middleton (Deathray Davies): "La Brabançonne," the national anthem of Belgium

"With my fiancée being from Belgium: We line the bed with waffles and assume a football-like stance. I'm covered in butter...she's covered in syrup. When the final line is sung, 'Le Roi, la Loi, la Liberté!' we throw ourselves at each other over the bed and it's go time!"

Robert Gomez: The Astrud Gilberto Album

"Slip into something more comfortable, relax on the waterbed and get close with Astrud helping make the magic happen. Next day remorse? Blame it on the bossa nova."

Chris Cantalini (webmaster, ( ), Sigur Rós

"Atmospheric, swirling music that creates an almost cinematic mood, which is always good. Plus the guy is singing in some foreign jibberish, and girls love foreign dudes."

Deadicated (Nice Drop Records): Band of Gypsys, Jimi Hendrix

"The album builds in tempo and emotion, then slows down...then picks up again. Very appropriate for beatin' it up. Plus, what girl doesn't like it when you put on the Jimi?"

Mark Castaneda (The Theater Fire): "She's Only Seventeen," Winger

"Because nothing says 'I love you' more than a nice can of pepper spray and a Taser gun."

Joshua Weber (The Golden Falcons): "Motor Away," Guided By Voices

"It's short and generally uninteresting to my companion. There was a time when I'd have a better answer to this question, but it seems that, in my aging, I've forgotten how the game is played. Plus, all I have is an iPod and one set of headphones, which two people could share, I guess, but then you lose the whole stereo effect."

Chris Flemmons (Baptist Generals): The Assassination of a President: Four Black Days, November 22-25, 1963

"If the both of you can actually keep your eye on the ball while listening to vinyl recordings of LBJ, Adlai Stevenson, Barry Goldwater, Pope Paul VI and a few Dallas eyewitnesses bemoaning the loss of Young Jack, your adult sexual conquests have finally found the golden-hearted winner and real freak-out. Don't let go of this love."


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