Nine Inch Nails, Bauhaus, TV on the Radio

Last year's With Teeth stressed the rock half of Nine Inch Nails' industrial-rock attack, layering blistering guitar fuzz over Dave Grohl's pounding drums. The band's live shows since the album's release have seen Trent Reznor re-embracing the assertive-front man role he seemingly abdicated in the late '90s, back when dude willfully lost himself in the enveloping textures of The Fragile. Sonic Youth to NIN's Pearl Jam, goth-rock pioneers Bauhaus will open for Reznor, accurately reflecting the two acts' commercial profiles if not their historical chronology. Show up early for New York's TV on the Radio, who'll make their major-label debut later this year with a bewitching electro-gospel disc purportedly titled, um, Return to Cookie Mountain.


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