"Frances, Frances Bean...what are you doing up here, sweetie?"

"I was just going through Daddy's tapes, Mom. I wanna pick a song for the new album, too!"

"Okay, honey, but we've only got room for three unreleased tracks, all right? The other 19 are coming from last year's boxed set. We've already decided on two new ones--that 1990 demo of 'Sappy,' which is basically 'Verse Chorus Verse,' and then that really rough rehearsal demo of 'Come As You Are,' from '91."



"What about something from the Fecal Matter tape, the one Daddy made before Nirvana with Uncle Dale from the Melvins, and before he really knew how to sing or write lyrics?"

"I know, honey, those are the songs everyone wants to hear."

"I think we should put 'Spank Thru' on it, and make it the first song."

"All right, we can do that."

"And I want to put 'Sounds of Dentage' and 'Buffy's Pregnant' and 'Bambi Slaughter' on it, and..."

"Frances, let's just put one on there, okay? Don't worry, we can pick another one for next year's holiday Nirvana release and then another one the year after that."

"But, Mom, that doesn't seem right."

"I know, dear, but everybody does it. And besides, college is only a few years away..."


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