No Depression Website Relauched, And Looking Good

Folks might recall that it was just this past February that No Depression magazine stopped the presses, closing down the revered alt-country/Americana publications after 13 years of keeping us all abreast concerning the ups and downs of rural music. But along with that news, co-founder Peter Blackstock sent out word that the No Depression website would be expanded and enhanced.

Well, after several months, the upgrade has finally taken place. As of a week ago today, the new and improved is in business and looking great. The site was created by The Old State, a web design and development firm in, where else, Dallas.

Now comes word that there will be a series of launch shows held between October 15 and 23. The James McMurty/Mando Saenz show at the Granada on the 18th is part of this series.

So hats off to all the folks involved in this endeavor because we all know that any No Depression is better than none at all. --Darryl Smyers


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