Norah Jones on The Colbert Report: "It Never Hurts" To Smoke Pot Before Listening To Her New Album. Nor, Really, Does It Ever.

Norah Jones popped up on The Colbert Report last night, as promised, and talked to Colbert about the supposed change in direction of her new album The Fall, one Robert really couldn't find too much of in his review of this disc in this week's paper. Stream ahead to the third segment--or right around 13 minutes in--to see her sit-down interview with Stephen, in which she discusses, among other things, drug use (kinda) and potentially starting a barbershop metal quartet with Colbert (maybe).

Then stick around for the final segment of the show, in which Jones performs "Young Blood," the new track that others have described as "driving." Yeah, with your grandmother, maybe, even if it's still an enjoyable ride...


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