Oakley Hall

Pat Sullivan may have left Oneida behind to form Oakley Hall, but he didn't abandon their garage-psych experimentation, only recast it in Americana. The result is something like Blue Cheer mugging Jerry Garcia in the bathroom while Crazy Horse watches the door. It's twang that's not afraid to get its overalls dirty, and to take its time doing so. While their first two releases relied mostly on rootsy melody, last year's Gypsum Strings displayed a surprisingly meaner, crunchier bite. Tuesday they released their fourth album, I'll Follow You, which returns to a more melody-driven approach and even reins in the discursive amps of the harmonies. It also seems to feature more of co-songwriter Rachel Cox. Which isn't to suggest there's no soloing: "All the Way Down" swells to a guitar-driven climax, and "Alive Among Thieves" rumbles and drones, building to a fevered pitch in a very efficient three and a half minutes.

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