Hog lovers, get ready for Eleven Hundred Springs. By "hogs," we mean motorcycles, of course.
Hog lovers, get ready for Eleven Hundred Springs. By "hogs," we mean motorcycles, of course.
Melanie West

Odds & Ends

Finger-lickin' good: Whenever an e-mail hits the AAT wire from local noise-rock progenitor Mwanza Dover, a huge groan can be heard in the office. That's because we need at least five staffers to dig through his lengthy spiels ("I am burned out on the local scene and a lot of the cliques and politics that are consuming it right now") and excessive ellipses (...) to find the actual content of his letters. Thankfully, the content's mighty fine--this week, it's about the third installment of the Lost Generation Concert Series at the Double Wide, and this one's so big, he needed two nights to fit in enough bands and DJs. Friday night's the weirder of two nights, including the free-form jazz of Unconscious Collective, anchored by the sons of local avant-garde longtimer Dennis Gonzalez, and the gloriously unpredictable Dutch Treats. Saturday's not that "normal," either, with the garage-rock madness of the Strange Boys combined with local standbys Pleasant Grove, Record Hop and the Falkon.

Dover downplays his presence: "The local press have a habit of doing the whole 'Wanz Dover's Falkon,' 'Wanz Dover's Laptop Deathmatch,' 'Wanz Dover's Fried Chicken'...you get the point. It's not really about me." Still, even he admits he's a "driving force" for these events, and the bands he supports can always use such attention. Shame, then, that he's splitting for a while; after the two-night showcase, Dover's off to record a solo album in Lawrence, Kansas. We hope for another long e-mail when the album's finished--and another fantastic concert to coincide with the release.

Falcon down: The Golden Falcons are throwing a fund-raiser concert at the Granada Theater on Friday but only for themselves. Sound selfish? Then you don't know what the hard-rock band went through two weeks ago while driving to a one-off gig in Kansas. After running out of gas on the Kansas City Turnpike--"there's no sign that says 'no gas stations for 25 miles,'" keyboard player Johnny Mars says--three members attempted to hitchhike to get a can of gas when a police car drove over the Turnpike median to stop the trio. The band alleges that the officer offered band members a ride to get gas, but once guitarist George Terry got into the police car, he was booked on a DUI and the band's tour van was impounded. We were unable to contact Kansas police to ask about the alleged bait 'n' switch before press time and must therefore restrain ourselves from commenting on the details and legality of the arrest.

But the end result is certain: After being forced to rent two cars to get the band and its trailer back to Dallas, the Falcons are down $1,300 and have yet to get their van back. And you thought the rising price of gas was hard enough on touring bands. Now's as good a time as any to pay to see the group, especially since they have out-of-town members Joshua Weber and Jared Jackson in tow (zing!).

Bella, Bella: Though Midlake is getting most of the attention this week, the band's touring partner for their flurry of Texas CD release shows deserves a nod as well. Count Robert Gomez as the latest in a line of Denton acts (Lift to Experience, Mandarin, jetscreamer) to join Bella Union Records, as the label and artist recently announced their agreement to release Gomez's next album, Brand New Towns, in 2007. We figured something was up when we saw BU label head (and Cocteau Twins bassist) Simon Raymonde attentively watch Gomez and his lush, ragtag mini-orchestra at a SXSW day party in March. Good find, Raymonde: Gomez's Etherville was criminally overlooked in 2005, so here's to hoping you can better spread the man's singer-songwriter gospel.

Handstamps: The Freek Out celebrate their newest release, Please Play at Maximum Volume, with a CD release show at the Cavern on Thursday. Truth be told, we're big fans of the disc's ode to 20s slackerdom, "Better Than High School," but that's about it...Ride a hog? Enjoy local country music? Then head to Sunday's installment of the North Texas Rock Rally (northtexasrockrally.com) where Eleven Hundred Springs will entertain more bikers than an issue of American Iron...Lower Greenville dance destination Zubar celebrates its 10th anniversary on Wednesday, July 26, with free food and cover. Unfortunately, it's a toga party, but DJ sets from Joe Castillo and Kold Comfort Farm should help... The Drams' new record, Jubilee Drive, finally comes out on Tuesday, and the band celebrates on the same day with an in-store show at the Lemmon Avenue Tower Records. Expect more on the album next week.


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