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Sherri DuPree and her family aren't superstars yet, and no, we're not sure why not, either.
Mary Sledd

Oven Lovin': After a meteoric rise in publicity and a few big-name opening tour gigs (you know, that whole Coldplay thing) in previous years, Tyler's Eisley had all its pop-rock ducks in a row in 2005. Everything seemed set for the February release of their first major-label full-length, Room Noises. Too bad it really wasn't. After giving the group a plug in its "You Hear It First" segment last year, MTV abandoned the teens when they needed love the most, and national rock-radio didn't make room for the mythological references and soaring harmonies of "Marvelous Things" in a crowd of me-too emo bands. Seriously, Clear Channel, you pushed the proto-poop-rock of Avenged Sevenfold over Eisley? Give us a break.

So what happened? Our guess is that the huge press push for the band's EP releases cost them when the proper album hit stores only a year later--the "we just wrote about these kids" syndrome was in effect, which meant the album was tucked away in CD review sections across the country. But the band hasn't been deterred by the relative quiet. Despite losing original bassist Jon Wilson this summer, the group got their footing back quickly, adding Garron DuPree and finally turning Eisley into a true family band (take that, Jacksons). In addition, rabid Internet promotion has helped the group rack up thousands of hard-core teen fans all over the country and, from the sound of their amazing Austin City Limits Festival set in September, they're preparing even better songs for their next album. That makes Eisley a prime reason to get your butt to the Plano Center on Sunday for A Very Buzz-Oven Christmas, as the Tyler quintet headlines the all-day, all-ages rock show thrown by recent Business Week feature subject Aden Holt. Other Buzz-Oven compilation alums at the show include the Feds, Greatness in Tragedy and, most important, Radiant, who should play a song or two from their proper full-length debut, We Hope You Win, set to come out spring 2006. Get to the Plano Center by 2 p.m.

What is it: Headed to Denton on Sunday? Bored? Have a beard? Then you'd probably enjoy the hell out of What It Is Is...with Scott and Kody, a "drunk talk show" that debuts at Rubber Gloves' Sunday Service night. Scott Porter and Kody Jackson, two of the bearded Dentonites behind Spitfire Tumbleweeds' amazing 2005 debut album, King James Edition, take over the typically band-free night at the Gloves to film their first-ever semi-music-related talk show. Fellow Tumbleweed Aaron White, who also plays for Current Leaves, will act as musical guest for the evening, but we're not sure what else to expect, other than what Porter told us over e-mail: "There will be a dog (his name is Chaz Lamborghini), some drunks and awkward moments aplenty. There will be an actual desk. And drunks!" Send us a copy of the video, Scotty.

Dentonites should also mark their calendar for two days later, when Landrest plays a bon voyage concert at J&J's Pizza. Founding members Becca and David Stone are splitting town, but this isn't another story of locals leaving for N.Y.C. dreams--their destination is Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and we don't think anybody's even heard of A&R reps there. Wish them well (and buy them a few slices) on Tuesday when they share the J&J's stage with Warren Jackson Hearne, Birth to Burial and more; in addition, Becca promises a return trip to Denton for a CD release concert in 2006.

Davies, I Love You: On Friday night, hightail your ass to the Barley House by 10:30 p.m. to see a show so good, even the staff bartenders have gotten into fights over that evening's shift. We're serious--Barley hotties Bunni and Becca started slapping each other two weeks ago when they were gushing about this concert, and, uh, we didn't stop them. The Deathray Davies headline the night with a very special set of Ramones covers, a rare treat that should not be missed, yet somehow, the band that's getting the hubbub is Austin's Lemurs. This Brit-inspired new wave outfit set the Barley House on fire last month--even the frat boys started dancing and cheering, we're told. That's quite a feat, Lemurs. We'll see if you live up to the hype on Friday.

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