Go, team? The Golden Falcons are going to need to draft new players at this rate.
Go, team? The Golden Falcons are going to need to draft new players at this rate.

Odds & Ends

Let the Falcon soar: Two weeks ago, we reported that Golden Falcons drummer Jared Jackson became a long-distance member of the mind-blowing Dallas band after moving to Austin for grad school. Well, add guitarist Joshua Weber to the flown-the-coop-for-college list, as he splits town next week to start graduate classes at NYU's creative writing program.

"We may play a show or two while he's gone," keyboard player Johnny Mars writes via e-mail, and he explains that guest guitarists may fill in for the next few months. "Hard shoes to fill, so we'll see." Thankfully, the boys are sending their bald guitarist off with a bang, as their Thursday night concert at the Granada Theater looks to be effing insane. Mars says the band will perform with pyrotechnics, synchronized dancers and even...Christ, we feel stupid printing this...a lion.

"The permits are crazy complicated," Mars quips, and we're taking his claim with 50 grains of salt. Then again, we secretly hope the guys pull it off. After all, a multi-camera crew will record the concert as part of a promotional package to shop to record labels (which may eventually be sold in DVD form to fans). Also, next month, the sextet will reconvene in Austin (yes, even that Yankee bastard will be there) to record a six-song demo of all-new material, and that CD will be included in potential label negotiations, too. So, to answer your question, no, the band ain't breaking up anytime soon.

Help the guys look good for the suits by screaming your ass off when the Falcons play with [DARYL] on Thursday. But, please, leave your seasoned beef at home...just in case.

That Infernal Noise: Though Salim Nourallah's sophomore solo album, Beautiful Noise, doesn't see official release until August 16, the acclaimed Dallas singer-songwriter jumps the gun with a CD release show this Friday at Sons of Hermann Hall. Backing him up will be his mega-talented band, The Noise, which includes members of Radiant, Shibboleth and Sorta--why, that sounds as good as a Dallas Observer Music Awards super-group, doesn't it? Even better, The Noise is sandwiched between sets by Pleasant Grove and Peter Schmidt. As of press time, the show is listed as an all-ages affair (as is the August 16 Good Records release party), so steal Mom's car, kids, and learn a little something about great local music for 10 measly bucks.

Get minc-y with it: We raise our glasses to minc, the most happening nightlife stop in Exposition Park, for the club's three-year birthday this Wednesday, August 3. Awkwardness be damned, we've been caught grooving on the club's sizable dance floor a few times, and with a nice split between rock and dance acts on the schedule, the number of people grooving at the club has been growing. "We have a very interesting crowd that hangs out at minc," company partner Paul Levatino says, and no, he's not talking about the drag queens who work the door on occasion. "The whole concept was, let's start a place that you would find somewhere in New York--a place anyone can come. It's not a straight bar or a gay bar; it's not a rock club or a dance club. It's just a good atmosphere where people of all kinds can have a good time." Join him and bar owners Rob Morley and Julie Campbell for the anniversary celebration on Wednesday night with DJ sets by Red Eye, Tony E. and the Got House Crew.

Handstamps: Hogpig slays all misconceptions about cock rock at Dan's Silverleaf on Friday...The Double Wide serves up a spacey-pop-rock triple threat of The Hourly Radio, Red Monroe and Tiebreaker on Saturday... The Zapruder Sequence, who just signed on with Stuart Sikes to record a debut full-length album next month, will hold court at Lee Harvey's on Friday to test out their LP material. Fellow semi-twangers Clay and the Electric Cowboys open.


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