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Midlake brings its quirky pop (and synthesizers!) to The Late Late Show on Monday, June 13.

Get your TiVos ready: Midlake will perform as musical guests on The Late Late Show on Monday, June 13. As everyone knows, The Late Late Show is that thing hosted by the guy who is no longer Craig Kilborn. I think he's Scottish. Anyway, the band will appear on the same night that its longtime champion, actor Jason Lee, is a guest on the show. "Like many of the cool things that come our way, we are undeserving yet very grateful for the opportunity," explains guitarist-keyboardist Eric Pulido via e-mail. "When Jason Lee was on the show earlier this year, he gave the music director and the host Craig Ferguson [Editor's note: Yes! That's his name!] a copy of our latest CD, Bamnan and Slivercork. Jason said they called back shortly thereafter really digging the music and wanting to have us on the show. Oh yes, and he kidnapped one of the show's producers and said that he would be returned unharmed if and only if Midlake were to appear on the show. But I'd like to think it was more because they dug the music." Pulido promises to give us the rundown on the backstage scene--green M&Ms? Free booze? Naked manslaves?--and when asked if the band is nervous about the upcoming show, Pulido responded, "Only that the backing track will skip. Har har."

Every musician knows the hardest thing about forming a band isn't finding people--it's deciding on a name. No one knows that better than Brent Best, whose last band's name was so crappy it practically became a badge of honor. Now the former Slobberbone front man has a new solo group, The Drams, who perform Wednesday, June 8, at the Barley House. The band, which also includes three original Slobberbone members and two members from Budapest One, officially debuted at SXSW, but this is the group's first Dallas appearance. For those who don't speak like the Decemberists, a dram is a unit of measurement, specifically 1/16 of an ounce, generally used by overeducated boozehounds to refer to their drink. We think it suits the band just fine.

On Sunday, bid adieu to the lovely Sara Radle, who moves to the sunny climes of Los Angeles for an as-yet-undisclosed musical project. Radle's going-away party is June 5 at the Barley House starting at 10 p.m. The show will feature a reunion of Radle's pop-punk band Lucy Loves Schroeder. We wish her luck--and suntans.

In a rather intriguing move, Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees for Best New Act, Red Monroe, have offered up their album Sin City Serenade for remixing as part of a contest on ACIDplanet.com. Still young enough to worry about getting carded, Red Monroe brings together elements of Radiohead and U2 into epic songs that bely their youth and inexperience. Entrants must be 13 years or older, and entries must be received by Monday, June 13. The winner will receive more than $1,000 in Sony products. Find more information at http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/redmonroe.

In more Internet-must-be-the-wave-of-the-future news, Baboon has chosen to give away its stellar 1999 EP We Sing and Play for free via the group's Web site after the original pressing sold out. Nice move, boys. Save money on repressing, get the music to the people. Everybody wins. Go to http://baboonland.com/sound.htm. Baboon also plays a show at Gypsy Tea Room on Friday, June 3, with Max Cady, Slowride and Hogpig.

Attention, bored emo kids on summer break: Headphones, featuring members of sullen Pedro the Lion, and Seattle's Crystal Skulls play Dan's Silverleaf on Monday, June 6. A nice way to tide you over till The O.C. returns, at least.

Other evidence that school is out: Arts Magnet's Latin Music Ensemble plays the Gypsy Tea Room on Sunday, June 5, as part of a benefit concert that also features Dallas salsa companies Sandunga Dance, SalsaPassion and Guajiro. Free dance lessons for everyone and, as if that weren't enough, Chipotle caters! Nothing makes me want to bust a move like eating a burrito that's as big as a baby! Anyhoo: Come out and support the kids, will ya?

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