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What's better than winning the lottery? How about watching the Rock Lottery? This Saturday, 25 musicians convene for one of the coolest sonic swap meets around. This is the sixth installment of the Rock Lottery, brainchild of former Dentonite Chris Weber, which challenges artists to come up with a band, original songs and (hardest of all!) a name in just 12 hours for a performance at Dan's Silverleaf on Saturday starting at 10 p.m. Participants include members of Slobberbone, Record Hop, Mugzu, Tank-Tank and Okkervill River.

Eisley patriarch Boyd Dupree reports that the beloved Tyler band's much-anticipated Warner Bros. full-length has a (tentative) street date of February 8. The group will play another New Year's Eve date at Trees, with Radiant and Pilot Drift.

With a slew of posthumous box sets and re-releases, Jeff Buckley is becoming the Tupac of bittersweet rock. Unlike the wildly successful Mr. Shakur, however, Buckley is an artist many fans discovered only too late, after the great Mississippi swept him fatally away. And if that's not a story worthy of mythologizing, what is? This Sunday, at 9 p.m., some of the city's best singer-songwriters come together for a Jeff Buckley birthday tribute at the Barley House. Participants include Peter Schmidt, Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt and Sorta's Trey Johnson. Bring your lighters, and your hankies.

Friends with benefits: Pleasant Grove, Radiant, Baboon and Max Cady will perform at Cha Cha's First Annual Rock and Roll for Charity Gala, benefitting Genesis Women's Shelter. Now I know what you're thinking: What the eff is Cha Cha? I wondered that, too. She is simply Chelsea Callahan, a good-hearted lass who wanted to turn 30 with class and style, putting together an event that would not only be enjoyable but also generous. (Funny, I just got smashed.) The event is Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Gypsy Tea Room.

You GoGirls: In another life, I wanna be a rock star. It's a cliché about us critics, but that's because it's so damn true. Don't believe me? Just feed us a couple of vodka tonics, turn on the karaoke machine and stand back. But for those sisters who really are rock stars, there is the fifth annual GoGirlsMusicFest, including performances from such female-fronted bands as Eden Automatic, Fishing for Comets and Magneeto. The event is part of a countrywide festival to promote independent women in music, which is a good thing, and supports such charities as the Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls. Hey, if I'd gone there instead of the YMCA summer program, maybe I wouldn't be so bad at playing guitar and so good at playing Marco Polo. Oh, well. The event is Sunday at Club Dada. For more information, call 214-213-3130.

Dallasite Zach Bair is going on tour. Not as a musician (though he is one) but as a documentarian, filming Pixies shows with his company, DiscLive (part of Immediatek). Although the recordings will not be immediately available (they're for future use of the artist and label), attendants can still peek at the live recording, and Bair will be at every stop on the Pixies fall tour, which kicked off this week. Not a bad gig, huh?

CD release: Microton has a CD release at Club Clearview on Friday, playing with Fair to Midland.


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