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What does your daydream look like? Does it have beautiful colors? Does it shine like the sun? Does it involve you and Johnny Depp in a hot-dog-eating contest? Really?! Me, too. Well, here's the point: Dallas' favorite rock-choral group, the Polyphonic Spree, hosts the "Film Your Daydream" contest to find the debut video for their upcoming single "Hold Me Now" (apparently not a remake of the Thompson Twins song) from Together, We're Heavy. The winner will receive $5,000, and the video will be posted on the group's Web site and submitted for rotation at MTV2. Entries must be postmarked by July 14 and received by July 21. See official rules at

Speaking of contests, fresh from their appearance at the Vans Warped Tour, The Feds took home first-place honors in the Hard Rock Battle of the Bands, beating out Tripp Fontaine and the Kales for $1,000 and bragging rights. The band's songs will now go up on the Hard Rock's Web site, where they will duke it out with other battle winners (and their Internet-voting fans) across the country.

Dallas metal-punkers Red Animal War have a new CD, Polizida, which will be available for purchase at their Gypsy Tea Room show on Saturday, although the official release date has been pushed back till August 7. The album was recorded by J. Robbins (who has worked with the Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World) and Matt Barnhart at the Echo Lab. Always the curious word-bird, we recently asked singer/guitarist Justin Wilson just what "polizida" means anyway. We received the following response: "I heard this very aged, very wise Italian woman talk about the riots in her town at the turn of the century," he explains. "She was speaking about a rally when the law came in and began to enforce 'peace' by kicking everyone's ass. The Italian word for police is polizia, but when she spoke of her country becoming a police state, she called it the polizida." Hmm. Political statement or Europhilia? Wait and see.

When I was a senior in high school, I spent my spare time in malls and dark parking lots, hoping the cops didn't show. Not Mike Ziemer, the 18-year-old go-getter who books ambitious daylong festivals at churches and convention centers. On Saturday he's putting on the North Texas Summer Invasion Tour at the Plano Centre, an event featuring somewhere between 12 and 21 bands (depending on which press release we use). Rock on, Mike.

Patriotic songs aren't exactly known for their, um, quality. But that doesn't mean you can't rock out this Sunday. We've compiled this ultimate July 4 mix tape for your listening pleasure. It's guaranteed to keep the terrorists away. It's hard to believe, but somehow, in all the excitement, we forgot Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA." Or did we? (Dare we say: "hidden track"?)


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