of Montreal, Janelle Monae

Following September's release of False Priest, of Montreal's tenth full-length album, the band is back with what's reported to be a more elaborate, glittery and flamboyant stage show after touring earlier this year with a setup considerably more reserved than it had for the tour supporting 2008's (mostly) critically acclaimed Skeletal Lamping.

We're hearing that frontman Kevin Banes rides atop a giant dragon brought to life by a four-person crew on this tour. And, well, that sounds about right: When it comes to over-the-top, worth-the-cost-of-admission stage shows, of Montreal's grand, skit-based performances strike a nice balance between the equally awe-inspiring live shows of The Flaming Lips and that of a risqué Vegas variety show.

Earlier this year, of Montreal guitarist and founding member (and Elephant 6 Collective alum) Bryan Poole told us that the False Priest tour may find the band creeping closer to something "like GWAR." That's a little hard to imagine—Barnes was more heavily influenced by '70s soul, funk and R&B on this disc than he was by shock rock.


of Montreal, Janelle Monae

Regardless, this night seems destined to impress: Kansas City native and soul-pop sweetheart Janelle Monáe finds herself along for the ride, too, after appearing twice on False Priest and having the band appear on her own 2010 breakout, The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III). She's set to open for the band and is said to appear throughout of Montreal's set, too.


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