Ola Podrida Gets the Remix Treatment From Denton's Abacus

Ola Podrida is a pretty weird name for a band--unless you grew up near the old theater of the same name in East Dallas as did singer David Wingo. Wingo split town to move to New York a few years ago, but he and the band will be back at Hailey's Club in Denton on Saturday, July 24, in support of their newest record, Belly Of The Lion .

Although he doesn't live here anymore, Wingo has several local connections, which includes extensive work scoring several of Richardson film director David Gordon Green's films. And now there's this: Denton electro-act Abacus, also a member of Sleep Whale, just did an impressive remix of Ola Podrida's "Monday Morning."

The remix is a far cry from the original version of the song, but the chilled-out rhythm and dreamy undertone that Abacus adds only enhances the song's already laid-back vibe.

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