Old 97's, Shibboleth

New Year's Eve without the Old 97's? Well, it's a day early this time around, so let's hope Rhett and Murry made the right plane reservations. Expect the same 97's set as every year before--solid, fun and loud, even if predictable--but there's a big difference this year, as Shibboleth is an interesting choice for an opener. A trio with roots in Chomsky, their niche is kitschy instrumentals with titles like "A Penny for Your Brain" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Jerk." Whimsical and geekish, it should prove interesting to see how the well-lubricated ex-frat boy crowd (who often flock to these Old 97's "reunions") takes to such lighthearted weirdness.

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