On the Eve

Home by Hovercraft were nominated in our Best None of the Above category in this year's Observer music awards, and this reminds us why. The group's new musical, On the Eve, tells the trippy tale of Marie Antoinette, time travel and hot air balloons. One description paints it thusly: "With Revolution on the horizon and a husband who is generally lacking, Antoinette turns to a space-busting aeronaut, a crazed scientist, and a beautiful muse to set things right in her kingdom." Singer Seth Magill, in an interview last month, had this to say: "Hardcore ballooning and royalty go hand-in-hand. Marie Antoinette was a big fan and supporter of the first hot air balloon. We're pretty sure that balloon was also a time machine, but our sources on that matter are questionable at best." Friday is opening night, and it runs through December 15.


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