Ozzfest 2008: A 2-Day Fest in Dallas? Maybe

Ozzy at last year's Ozzfest.
Ozzy at last year's Ozzfest.

Ozzy at last year's Ozzfest.

The gossip mill is grinding away about this year's


. First it was about

an Ozzfest date in London

. Then


on the bands (nearly every fan site claims Metallica will play). Now,

word is

there will be two-day festivals held in London and Dallas. That's it. Two shows, two days each, one in the States and the other abroad.

has been the loudest proponent of the Dallas Ozzfest rumor, and, generally, we trust them. However, I've checked in with several sources at labels and in bands, and so far no one has heard anything from the Ozzfest camp about the rumor being legit. For now, we can just keep our fingers crossed that the next Ozzfest 2008 item will be us


a big, badass metal show in the Big D. Seriously, folks, fingers crossed. --

Chelsea Ide

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