Elliott Smith may be dead, but his spirit and voice haunt every track on Pajo. David Pajo, the former Slint member who has previously recorded as Papa M and Aerial M, uses his own name this time, and with such personal songs, the return to his real name is quite fitting. The album, recorded entirely on his home computer, owes a lot to vintage lo-fi Smith, borrowing his breathy multi-tracked vocals and sweetly plucked acoustic guitar while adding spacey synth flourishes and subtle electronic beats. "Ten More Days" could be a song from Either/Or if it weren't for the bongos, which sound a lot worse on paper than they do in the song, and the Simon and Garfunkel-esque "Manson Twins" is both as clichéd--and as enjoyable--as a Sunday afternoon drive in the country. Most of the tracks are fairly derivative, but it's hard to fault someone who comes up with such comfortably beautiful songs and arrangements, and the record comes off as more of tribute to Smith than a rip-off. Pajo's lyrics even feel cozy and familiar-"There is tea on the stove / There is food in the fridge / And the bed is warm / Oh baby please come home." Don't mind if I do.


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