Paper Chase, Make Believe, Chin Up Chin Up

Here's a creative indie-rock triple bill worth rescheduling an evening dedicated to reading old Pitchfork reviews. Headlining locals the pAper chAse you already know; God Bless Your Black Heart, the Dallas band's Kill Rock Stars debut, finds front man John Congleton perfecting his Nick Cave-for-the-Dickies-set steez; agitated Slint fans, this shit is for you! Chicago's Make Believe is the latest project from Joan of Arc principal Tim Kinsella; the band's recent self-titled debut sounds as much like Joan of Arc as Temple of the Dog sounded like Soundgarden. Fellow Windy City fellows Chin Up Chin Up recorded their new record with Congleton and managed to sneak a disco beat into "Get Me Off This Fucking Island."

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