Parts and Labor
Parts and Labor
Francesca Talone

Parts and Labor, Lipstick Terror, True Widow

Brooklyn's Parts and Labor straddles the great divide between the riotous noises it wrings from tortured keyboards and the irresistibly tuneful songs those sonic eruptions create.

In recent months, the band replaced drummer Christopher R. Weingarten (who left the band to pursue a music-writing career—idiot!) with Joe Wong. And, while they were at it, they added guitarist Sarah Lipstate and eased up considerably on the noise element in creating their excellent new record, Receivers. Actually, the noise isn't so much diminished as it is incorporated more smoothly into the songs; often the most discordant noises even add catchy melodies of their own. Haven't seen them live yet, but with songs this energetic and chaotic, expect greatness.

Mexicali's Lipstick Terror and Dallas' own True Widow open.


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