Patrick Wolf, Living Things, Jaguar Love, Plastiscines

Brought to you by the folks at New York's downtown style mag Nylon, this hipster-bait quadruple bill brings together four acts who don't have much to do with one another but who are all fairly awesome in their own ways.

English art-pop eccentric Patrick Wolf has a new one out this summer called The Bachelor, on which he flexes his appealing drama-queen croon over constantly undulating electro-folk arrangements; for extra cool points, it features a guest appearance by English art-film eccentric Tilda Swinton. Living Things, meanwhile, is a band of pissed-off garage-rock bros from St. Louis, who rarely let its anticapitalist rhetoric get in the way of a fist-pumping chorus. Portland's synth-punk Jaguar Love used to feature two dudes from Blood Brothers and one dude from Pretty Girls Make Graves, but earlier this year the Pretty Girl left. (Don't they always?) And, last but not least, Plastiscines, from France, is like the Donnas—but with French accents.

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